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Eco friendly

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Welcome to Eco Turf Synthetic Surfaces, your trusted partner for superior quality, eco-friendly artificial turf. Based in Southern California, we specialize in transforming outdoor spaces with our low-maintenance, water-saving solutions. But our mission doesn't stop at installing beautiful, evergreen lawns. For every purchase made, we donate to charities to contribute to planting trees in California, playing our part in fostering a greener world. Plus, we're committed to a circular lifecycle for our products, with a recycling or repurposing guarantee when your turf is ready for change. At Eco Turf, we're not just creating stunning yards - we're promoting a sustainable future, one lawn at a time.

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What Our Clients Say

"I was skeptical about synthetic turf at first, but Eco Turf Synthetic Surfaces completely changed my view. My lawn looks fantastic year-round and requires virtually no maintenance. They delivered excellent service from consultation to installation. Plus, knowing that my purchase contributed to planting trees is a wonderful bonus!"

- David Miller, Irvine, CA

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