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Lakewood Playground

Create a safe and fun environment for kids with California Eco Turf. Our playground turf installation ensures a safe, clean, and durable play area.

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Professional Playground Turf Installation Services In Lakewood, CA

We specialize in creating vibrant, safe, and eco-friendly play spaces that cater to the needs of communities, schools, and families while actively contributing to the preservation of our environment.

At California Eco Turf, we understand the importance of outdoor play for children's development and well-being. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to providing top-notch playground turf solutions that not only promote active lifestyles but also align with our green vision for a healthier planet. Our playground turf is designed to present a lush, year-round green appearance with minimal maintenance and maximum enjoyment.

Let's come together to create play spaces that nurture our children's growth and our planet's well-being.

Why Choose Us


Our turf provides a soft and safe landing for kids.


Resilient turf that can withstand heavy foot traffic and weather changes.


Easy cleanup, no mud, no grass stains!




Give us a call to schedule your free consultation.



An Eco Turf expert will visit your property to evaluate your playground area and recommend the best turf options.



Confirm your installation with a 10% deposit and by signing our service agreement.



Our skilled crew, including a bilingual team member, will install the playground turf in a single day.


Our management team conducts a final quality assurance check, ensuring your new playground surface meets our strict standards.

Installing Play Turf Has Many Benefits

Nothing beats getting outside and breathing fresh air. It's the same for people of all ages, including dogs. One of the keys to enjoying outdoor activities is having a clean, pleasant place to do them. Using synthetic grass in recreational areas such as playgrounds, dog parks, athletic areas and amusement parks has several positive outcomes for those who use these areas. Municipalities interested in a cutting-edge method for covering play areas with a lengthy solution should investigate artificial grass.

Required Work for Upkeep Is Minimal

It's a lot of work to keep natural grass looking neat. In addition to regular mowing, the grass should be fertilized, and any weeds should be treated. A professional lawn care service could mean rearranging your schedule to keep the kids off the playground. If the grass in a large recreation park is to remain green, you may need to water it frequently. Once installed, artificial turf requires little upkeep. It only requires periodic cleaning; no watering, trimming, or weeding is needed. The maintenance required is low, primarily picking up fallen leaves and twigs.

Fake Grass That Feels Just Like the Real Thing

Schools must follow specific regulations to lessen the frequency and severity of fall-related accidents. The choice of ground cover contributes significantly to meeting those standards and increasing safety for everyone using the equipment. The ideal ground cover would absorb the shock of a fall, minimizing its severity. For this reason, playground equipment should not be placed on natural grass. The surface is too complex and will cause more severe injuries in the event of a fall.


Artificial turf for playgrounds and athletic areas, when installed correctly, helps you surpass safety criteria without compromising the natural features of grass. It's similar to a cushion that can help absorb shock, lessening the impact of falls and the severity of injuries sustained.

Lower Incidence of Scraped Knees

Playground accidents, such as falls, are a common source of injury for kids. The fun of playing on the playground can be quickly ruined by scrapes and cuts sustained on the gritty sand or other uneven surfaces. Playground equipment bases made of wood chips, gravel, or other fillers are rougher on kids' delicate skin than synthetic grass. It looks and feels like natural grass, so kids won't be alarmed if they trip and fall on it.


The artificial grass is safe for kids to roll around on and play on without worrying about cuts or rashes from natural grass. When kids play and run around on artificial turf, they put less strain on their growing bones and cartilage.



The beauty of your landscape 
doesn't have to come at the
exspense of the environment.

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